Hotels in the Caribbean Region of Costa Rica

Hotel Le Cameleon Location: Cocles | Hotel Category: Luxury

Luxurious and modern the hotel Le Cameleon is located in Playa Cocles, just a few miles from Puerto Viejo, and considerably close to the Cahuita National Park. This wonderful five-star hotel is embellished with the most exquisite style. Its architecture [...]

Almonds and Corals Lodge Location: Manzanillo | Hotel Category: Luxury

Burrowed in the midst of the lush region of the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, you will find Almonds and Corals hotel. Found a few miles north of the border between Costa Rica and Panama this hotel allows its guests to [...]

Manatus Hotel Location: Tortuguero | Hotel Category: Superior

Burrowed in the Tortuguero National Park the Hotel Manatus is one of the few superior category hotels in Costa Rica’s small Amazon River. Manatus Hotel provides twelve rooms that have been carefully decorated. The designers wanted to create an atmosphere [...]

Totem Hotel Location: Cocles | Hotel Category: Standard

Small and lovely the Hotel Totem Beach Resort is located across the street from the spectacular Playa Cocles and a ten minute walk from the famous and fun Puerto Viejo. Perfect to relax in a tranquil ambience nestled in a [...]

Azania Bungalows Location: Cocles | Hotel Category: Standard

Facing the beautiful Cocles beach, you will find the Azania Bungalows; both considerably close to Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo. The bungalows have been designed taking into consideration comfort and ecology. Rooms both reflect a relaxing ambience and an environmentally-friendly agenda. [...]

Hotel La Casa de las Flores Location: Cahuita | Hotel Category: Budget

In the Caribbean region of Costa Rica, you will find Hotel La Casa de Las Flores. The name translates to the house of flowers, which has been correctly picked due to the wonderfully lush vegetation that surrounds the area. The [...]

Hotel Cariblue Location: Cocles | Hotel Category: Standard

Lying on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in Playa Cocles, you will find the Hotel Cariblue, considerably close to Refugio Nacional Gandoca-Manzanillo and Puerto Viejo. This three-star hotel has been awarded three green leaves from the Certification for Sustainable [...]

Hotel Banana Azul Location: Playa Negra | Hotel Category: Standard

If you want to visit a hidden gem where you can interact with a diverse variety of cultures, then you ought to visit Playa Negra, just a few minutes outside Puerto Viejo. This beautiful area in the Caribbean region of [...]

Mawamba Lodge Location: Tortuguero | Hotel Category: Standard

Deep in the Tortuguero Canals in Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica lies the Mawamba Lodge hidden in fifteen-acres of immaculate gardens. The lodge offers fifty-four standard rooms and four standard superior rooms. All the rooms were designed to benefit from [...]

Flor de Tortuguero (ex Samoa Lodge) Location: Tortuguero | Hotel Category: Budget

Nestled in the North Caribbean jungle of Costa Rica in the Tortuguero National Park Canals you will find Flor de Tortuguero. The hotel offers simple but spotless and spacious bungalows. They have been delicately decorated and are equipped with comfortable [...]

Hotel Villas del Caribe Location: Cocles | Hotel Category: Standard

Beachfront in the southern end of Playa Cocles, Hotel Villas del Caribe is just a few kilometers from Puerto Viejo, in the secluded Caribbean region of Costa Rica. This area remains almost hidden in vegetation, which makes it even more [...]

Hotel Ilan Ilan Location: Tortuguero | Hotel Category: Budget

Ilan ilan lodge is conveniently found right across from the Tortuguero National Park Canals airport. It is more of a rustic place, perfect for those who want to be in sync in nature. If you’re looking for luxury, then this [...]