National Parks and Volcanoes

Costa Rica Natural Parks and Volcanoes Costa Rica is a country that contains in its tiny territory, 5% of the planet biodiversity, natural treasure protected by the National System of Area Conservation (SINAC), which covers 26% of the national geography. In Costa Rica visitors, without the need to travel long distances, can enjoy majestic volcanoes, beaches in both the Pacific and Caribbean, dry, humid and tropical forests and incredible jungle scenarios.

Visa Requirements

Costa Rica Visa Requirements Before you travel to Costa Rica make sure you contact the closest Costa Rica embassy/consulate to confirm you comply with all requirements. Some countries need a Visa emitted by a Costa Rica consulate and in some cases a Special Visa emitted by the Costa Rica migration director. Entrance permits may vary from 30 to 90 calendar days.


Costa Rica Weather It is always summer in Costa Rica with temperatures between 21 and 30 degrees (Celsius) the weather is always pleasant no matter what time of the year you come. For six months every year, during the rainy season, it rains for a couple of hours every day and depending on the region or area it can be a bit chillier or wormier, always maintaining a delightful weather.


Costa Rica Maps While Costa Rica is a tiny country getting around and understanding what is where can be a mess, especially since the country is divided into provinces but to make it easier for travelers it is commonly separated into tourist regions. We have created interactive maps so that you can find your way around and understand where the main points of interests can be found.

Safety Tips and Emergency Numbers

Costa Rica Safety Tips Costa Rica is overall a safe country to visit, as long as you follow these simple tips we can assure you’ll have the vacation of a lifetime. Just in case we’ve also included a list of important phone numbers you should keep with you at all times.

Transportation and Getting Around

Costa Rica Transportation Getting around in Costa Rica is an assured adventure for the first time traveler to Latin America, while roads and transportation services are in much better condition than in the late 90’s and way better than most Central and South American countries, we created a brief guide so that you’ll know what to expect and decide which is the best form of transportation during your holiday.